Discover a Life Renewed through Jesus

Take your next step with Risen Savior Lutheran Church

At Risen Savior Lutheran Church, we embrace the transformative power of Jesus in our lives.

What does this transformation entail? How does it resonate with your personal journey? How can you unearth more? Where is the starting point?

Inquiries are the stepping stones to enlightenment. This is why Risen Savior guides you through a tapestry of biblical explorations, unveiling the profound truth of Jesus on your life and its ripple effects on your everyday life.



Explore the path Risen Savior Lutheran Church lays out to help you grow in God's unchanging word and live a life touched by Jesus. Meet the pastor, ask questions, and explore the diverse ways Risen Savior Lutheran Church nurtures your growth as a follower of Jesus.



This step will aid in fostering a connection with God, engaging with fellow believers, and embodying a lifestyle that radiates peace, hope, and purpose for both you and others through a renewed life touched by Jesus.



The Grow step, following foundational teachings, nurtures deeper relationships and a stronger connection with God, reflecting Jesus' teachings. It emphasizes communal support and individual spiritual growth. Through this step, the teachings of Jesus become the bridge between learning the basics of faith and fostering enduring spiritual connections.



Risen Savior Lutheran Church invites members to volunteer their time, talents, and treasures to contribute to the church's mission. By generously offering their unique gifts, members become an integral part of the church's endeavors, enriching the community and furthering the outreach of God's love. Through this act of volunteering, the essence of Jesus' teachings on giving and community is embodied, fostering a vibrant and supportive church environment. For more information about our volunteer teams, visit our volunteer opportunity guide here. If you're ready to sign up, use the button below!