Support through Fellowship

There's a place for you in the Risen Savior family. 

At Risen Savior, adult fellowship is all about coming together, sharing our faith, and enjoying good company.

Whether it's through study groups, social events, or service projects, we create a welcoming space for everyone to explore their faith and build lasting friendships.

Our get-togethers are about more than just having a good time; they're about forming a supportive community that reflects the love and teachings of Jesus.

Through this fellowship, we journey through faith together, making meaningful connections along the way and truly living out the community spirit of Risen Savior.



Grow, Connect, and Thrive with Our Adult Ministry

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Growth Groups

Growth Groups at Risen Savior Lutheran Church offer a welcoming space for members to delve deeper into their faith and form meaningful connections with one another. Through engaging discussions and shared experiences, individuals find support and a sense of community as they journey together in faith.



The essence of fellowship at Risen Savior Lutheran Church lies in creating a harmonious environment where faith and friendships flourish. Through a variety of gatherings, we aim to provide a nurturing space for individuals to explore their faith, share their journey, and support one another in a loving, Christian community.

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Women's Groups

Our women's groups at Risen Savior Lutheran Church are dedicated to fostering a tight-knit community of faith-filled women. Through a blend of Bible studies, service opportunities, and social events, we aim to provide a welcoming space for spiritual growth and meaningful friendships.