May 13, 2020

From the Pastor...

Worship Resumes May 24

The results of last week's survey are in, and approximately 70% of Risen Savior's members said they would feel comfortable returning to worship starting May 24. Therefore, we will resume worship on that date. Some notes:

Services: We will offer an 8 AM and 10:30 AM service beginning Sunday, May 24th.

Registration: To help us stay under 50 people per service, we are asking those who plan to attend worship to register ahead of time. If you are planning on attending one of those services, please contact Pastor Free at with which service you would like to attend. We'll do our best to limit the services to less than 50 people, staggering the seating available in the sanctuary. If more than 50 people come to a specific service, we will provide overflow seating in the fellowship hall. If needed, we will plan on adding additional services.

Online Service: We encourage those who do not feel comfortable worshiping in person at this time to continue to worship at home. We will record our 8 AM service and send it out to our members when it is ready. It will also be available on our website.

Communion: Risen Savior's Leadership Team is still working out how/when to offer communion to our members. More details on this will come in the near future.

Sunday school/Bible Class: There will be no in-person Sunday school or Bible Class until the fall.

Coffee/Refreshments: We will not be offering a formal time for coffee and refreshments before/after the service.

Misc: Offerings will be gathered at each door rather than passing the plate around. Facemasks/gloves will not be required. However, anyone who would like to wear a facemask/gloves is encouraged to do so. Interior doors will be propped open; exterior doors will be propped open or manned. Hard surfaces will be cleaned before, between, and after services.

Risen Savior's Leadership Team understands that there will be some members who think it's too soon to re-open, and some who think it's not soon enough. We encourage our members to reflect the love of Christ to one another, even if we differ in this decision. We also understand that we have members who are "at-risk", and we may have members who might put others at-risk. We encourage you to not only think about yourself, but your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as you decide whether or not to attend in person services.

Whether you worship in person or at home, we give thanks to God that together, we worship the Risen Savior!