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September Meeting Minutes

Our women’s guild held its monthly meeting on Sept. 12, 2016.
The seven women present were Betty Giles, Pat Brothers, Karen Travis, Christal Cashmore, Renee Schlenker, Donna Arnold, and Sharry Lueck.
Pastor Free opened the meeting at 6:40 PM with Psalm 27 and a prayer of encouragement.

Treasurer’s report
Betty reported that we currently have $320.94 in the checking account and $8.79 cash on hand. Of that amount we have $100 designated for brochures and collected $66 for LWMS missions and owe $75 for LWMS membership. That leaves an available working balance of $79.94.

Since our last meeting in April, we disbursed money to the following:

  • $88.72 on coffee, cups, plastic ware, and paper towels(using money from Sunday morning cash donations)
  • $50.35 for the meat and cake for Pastor Ziemer’s farewell luncheon
  • $39.82 for the gift basket for Donna and Mindy Ziemer
  • $120.00 donation to Pastor Ziemer to donate to a charity of his choice
  • $84.90 flower order for Phyllis Kelly’s funeral
  • $9.40 for postage stamps for “welcome” cards to send visitors

Old Business:

Betty asked to change her role to Coordinator of the different task groups and monthly meetings. Her current role has been president, while also filling in for vice president and treasurer(seats vacated)and secretary(when absent from previous meetings). Betty has agreed to continue as treasurer and to submit official minutes to the church council for distribution. Sharry volunteered to write notes for this meeting.

The Ladies Guild will support the work of the Gospel Share Teams and accomplish the following tasks:

  • Supplies- Donna and Sharry will keep track of pantry/bathroom supplies and post which supplies are needed for members to donate. We will no longer be collecting cash donations during Sunday snacks.
  • Altar Care-Karen will schedule and train volunteers to set communion. She has been purchasing altar flowers while not accepting reimbursement. Thank you, Karen. Karen will write a note for the Sunday bulletin that those wanting to contribute flowers contact her. Also she will post in the name of the donor and if there is a particular person/occasion to remember.
  • Greeters-Pat will continue scheduling greeters. Sharry has volunteered to send out welcome cards to any visitors who sign the guest registry. She was given stamps and cards.
    Fellowship Meals- Renee volunteered to coordinate meals & pot luck dinners.
  • Library- Yumiko Kondo in the past volunteered to help inventory our library. Betty will check to make sure she still wants to do so. Sharry volunteered to help with this task also.
    Church Cleaning- Susan Bare schedules the volunteers.
  • LWMS- Karen will continue as reporter. The next district meeting will be Nov. 12th in Cape Coral at Abiding Love.

New Business

  • Pastor Free discussed his desire to have the common cup along with individual cups for communion. Karen will check into the cost for purchasing a chalice and obtaining a drape to cover the communion ware. If possible the cost will be covered by the Ladies Guild.
  • There will be a quarterly congregational meeting after the October 30th worship service. The meeting will last 20-30 minutes and be followed by a “Reformation” meal. Renee will post a sign up for those planning to attend and how the meal will be provided.
  • Karen brought to our attention that the chairs need cleaning. Various methods were discussed and Donna will check into the cost of having them cleaned professionally.
  • Pat brought up the idea that an audit should be done of our accounting periodically. Karen said she thought it was done in the past. Betty will ask the church council to look into getting that done.
  • Our next meeting will be on Oct. 10th. Discussion items will include
    the meal on October 30th
    the Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 20th
    Advent by Candlelight Dec. 3rd
    distributing Christmas baskets.

Respectively submitted:
Betty Giles/Sharry Lueck

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