Our Story

Risen Savior has been sharing the good news of Jesus in Lakewood Ranch since 2001. First meeting in Elementary Schools, and then eventually moving to our permanent home on the corner of SR 70 and Lorraine Rd., we have been blessed by God to reach many people with the love of our Savior. This is who we are: We are a Christ-centered group of people who in everything we do, and everyone we come into contact with, we want Jesus to be at the center.

Our Vision

We want to Grow. We want to Grow closer to our Savior. We want to Grow closer to one another. We want God’s Kingdom to Grow. And in order to help us accomplish that vision, we have plans to Grow our campus. This video shows what, God-willing, Risen Savior will look like.

Our Campus

We currently sit on 10 acres of land in the heart of Lakewood Ranch. Our current facilities include our worship center, our fellowship hall and kitchen, our education wing and our elementary school expansion opening in fall 2023. We are looking to the future and would like to expand the services we offer. Therefore, we plan to add more classrooms, a larger church building, and plenty of outdoor play space for children and families at Risen Savior and Risen Savior Academy. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out our campus, stop on by for a tour!

Our Prayer

It is our prayer that: 1) we Grow closer to Christ, 2) we Grow closer to one another, and 3) that God’s Kingdom Grows. We do believe this vision is what God is calling us to do in LWR, but in order to accomplish this mission, we need your help.

Please pray that God blesses our mission efforts. Pray that in all we do, he is glorified. And if you so desire, please consider supporting us with a financial gift. The final cost of this vision is approximately $10 million, and it is our prayer that in the coming years, we will raise $2 million.


"For Christ's love compels us." (2 Cor. 5:14) Everything we do at Risen Savior and Risen Savior Academy, it is Christ's love that compels us. His love compels us to worship him. His love compels us to love our neighbor. His love compels us to share the gospel with our community. His love compels us to joyfully and freely give our firstfruits in service to him.

His love is the driving force behind our vision, "Let's Grow". As you consider financially supporting us in this vision, may the love of Christ fill you and give you joy in your service to him.

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Proposed Campus

Track Our Progress

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