June 9th | Do Not Worry

In this video, Pastor Free reflects on the theme of worry and how it impacts our faith. Drawing from Matthew chapter 6, he explores Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, focusing on the concept of God as our perfect Heavenly Father who knows our needs and provides for us. Pastor Free delves into the reasons behind our worries, distinguishing between sinful worry and realistic concern, and offers biblical insights on how to trust in God’s provision.

Using the analogy of a child’s pride in their earthly father, Pastor Free highlights the unparalleled reliability of our Heavenly Father. He reminds us that while earthly fathers may fail, God never will. Through this message, we are encouraged to seek first God’s kingdom, trust in His promises, and let our lives be filled with His presence rather than worry. This sermon is part of a series on the Lord’s Prayer, specifically focusing on the address, “Our Father,” emphasizing the privilege of addressing God as our Father and the comfort in knowing that He is aware of our needs and cares for us deeply.

June 9, 2024