June 30th | Rooted In Faith

In this video, Pastor Kreuger delves into the theme of seeking God’s will in our lives, especially when faced with significant decisions. Using the words of Jesus from Matthew 13:1-9 and 18-23, he illustrates how we can align our desires with God’s will through prayer, scripture, and Christian common sense. Pastor Kreuger emphasizes that while God may not provide specific answers for every life decision, He does guide us through His word and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Kreuger draws parallels between our earthly experiences and the divine guidance of our Heavenly Father, encouraging us to trust in God’s perfect will. He reminds us of the importance of faithfully proclaiming and sharing God’s word, living a life that reflects Christian values, and relying on God’s grace to navigate our spiritual journey.

This message is part of a sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer, focusing on the petition “Thy will be done.” It highlights the privilege of seeking and following God’s will, knowing that He desires the best for us and works all things for our good.

July 2, 2024