June 23rd | Eternal Kingdom

In this video, Pastor Free delves into the powerful and vivid vision given to Daniel, exploring the theme of God’s eternal kingdom. Pastor Free examines the significance of Daniel’s dream, detailing the rise and fall of earthly kingdoms and contrasting them with the everlasting dominion of God’s kingdom. Drawing from Daniel chapter 7, he highlights how God’s kingdom is not of this world and how it is established in our hearts through faith in Jesus.

Pastor Free underscores the importance of recognizing God’s kingdom in our lives and encourages us to evaluate what rules our hearts. Using the analogy of a child’s pride in their earthly father, he emphasizes the unparalleled reliability of our Heavenly Father, reminding us that while earthly fathers may fail, God never will. Through this message, we are encouraged to seek first God’s kingdom, trust in His promises, and let our lives be filled with His presence rather than the fleeting nature of worldly kingdoms.

This sermon is part of a series on the Lord’s Prayer, specifically focusing on the petition, “Thy Kingdom Come,” emphasizing the privilege of being part of God’s eternal kingdom and the call to bring His kingdom to others.

June 24, 2024