The word "Gospel" means good news. At Risen Savior we are all about the good news that God loves everyone so much he sent his Son Jesus to be our Savior. Because this good news is too good to keep to ourselves, we've come up with three Gospel Share Teams to bring this message to the people God puts in our lives. Below is a summary of each of the teams, and while they are different in audience and approach, the end goal is always the same: to share with our words and lives the good news of Jesus Christ.

Community Gospel Share Team

The goal of the Community Gospel Share Team is twofold: 1) put on community events such as Family Christmas Night and Easter for Kids where we can share the good news of Jesus with those who attend, and 2) find ways to love and serve our neighbors in our community.

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Young Family Gospel Share Team

As you can tell by the name, the goal of this team is to reach out to the young families both within and outside of Risen Savior with the good news of Jesus.

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Member Gospel Share Team

The purpose of this team is to foster fellowship and fun for the members of Risen Savior, as well as friends and family outside of our church who attend our planned activities. Every event that is hosted is open to all members as well as anyone else who our members would like to invite.

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